We’re here to share our insights about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or, as we like to call them, The Angels.

You may remember us from Haloblog, you may not.  Either way, we’re promising far less profanity this time around (If you’re curious about the name, “Three Days of Cryin’,” (and many are), please read this).

There won’t be any 10,000 word posts and there won’t be a game-used bat museum.

What there will be this time around is comments.  Please keep it clean, civil, and informative.  If you don’t, we’ll publicly humiliate you (and don’t doubt that we can).



6 responses to “About

  1. And what’s wrong with the game-used bat museum, anyway?

  2. Nice site, I have already RSS-ed it to my Netvibes page.

    Here is to a great 2009 season!


    • 3daysofcryin


      Thanks for coming by. We really appreciate it. Visited your blog and wanted to wish you the best; here’s to a great 2009 and a return to good health. Sympathy, empathy, peace.


  3. Rob

    Great site! Its nice to see some new perspective on the Angels!

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