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Mike Napoli – Fireable Offense

The Angels essentially forced Tony Reagins to resign his postion as GM, with many inferring the reason to be his orchestration of the worst trade in Angel history.

But every baseball person alive knows that Mike Scioscia runs the Angels, both on the field and off, at least in terms of baseball personnel. That trade is on Scioscia (even if we give him the maximum benefit of the doubt, his favoring of Jeff Mathis over Mike Napoli over the last few seasons enabled Reagins to view Napoli as somehow expendable).

So why the free pass?

It could be argued that Mike Napoli should be the AL MVP. But it cannot be argued that he should be anything but the World Series MVP of 2011.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that Mike Scioscia ran Mike Napoli right out of Anaheim.

With Mike Napoli representing everything that the Angels need offensively, and Mike Sciosica so belligerently anachronistic about what defines a good offensive baseball player, it’s readily apparent that Scioscia’s stubbornness has cost the Halos the best offensive talent that the organization has developed since Tim Salmon. Worse, though, Scioscia’s opinion that Jeff Mathis is more valuable to the Angels than was Mike Napoli makes him look like one of the worst talent evaluators in baseball. Hyperbole? Not at all. Simple fact. That decision cost the Angels the wild card…at the least…and handed the team’s division rival the World Series championship.

Scioscia had a great run for a few years LAST DECADE. And now it’s quite clear that his brand of baseball simply doesn’t compete in the modern game (though it can clearly overachieve in the modern game). Stubbornly, though, he sticks to his guns in the face of all contrary evidence.

Thanks for 2002, Mike…it was great.

Now, please go back to the Dodgers with that 1960s/1970s brand of Dodger baseball. It simply doesn’t work anymore.

Jeff Mathis?  Seriously, Jeff Mathis? No, really…Jeff Mathis?

Who in, or out of, the baseball world ever thought that Jeff Mathis was a better option than Mike Napoli? What scout thought that? What SABRmetrician thought that? What GM thought that? Only one man in the entire world ever thought that.

It’s disgusting, it exemplifies Scioscia’s lack of intelligence and stubborn-headedness, and it should result in the man being sent packing.

It would in any other line of work.

Nobody else will say it, but we will…



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Birthday Boys

Happy birthday to Jeff Mathis, who turns 26 today, to former Angel third base coach (and interim manager) Moose Stubing, who is 71, and to longtime Angel pitching coach Marv Grissom, who would have been 91.

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Inside Fastballs

While dissing the Rockies, Troy Renck of the Denver Post also insults Jeff Mathis and Brandon Wood. [h/t – Baseball Musings]

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New Swing

Jeff Mathis spent signficant time this off-season revamping his swing by training in his converted barn, presumably hoping to hit the broad side.


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Juan Small Problem

If Mike Napoli isn’t able to begin the season behind the dish, he certainly makes a nice DH.

Of course, two immediate concerns arise should Napoli’s surgically repaired shoulder prevent him from playing defense. 

First, Jeff Mathis would be the Angels’ catcher….and he can’t hit (or throw any runners out).  Second, Juan Rivera would return to the bench, a scenario that would likely leave Rivera displeased. 

Since Juan Rivera couldn’t possibly  be as bad a catcher as Jeff Mathis is a hitter, maybe Juan should jump behind the plate. 

Alternatively, Napoli could catch and simply not attempt to throw any runners out…the result would be about the same as Mathis letting fly. 

We kid on both fronts, of course, but we’re not excited at the prospect of Mathis playing every day, even if only for the first month or so of the season.

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Mathis Thinks Hitting

It’s hardly shocking, but it’s certainly true….it’s time for Jeff Mathis to hit.

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Not Caught Stealing

Fangraphs provides an analysis that won’t surprise Angel fans; neither Mike Napoli nor Jeff Mathis can throw anybody out.

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