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Shields Down

Speechless, we feel compelled to defer.  

We’re taking a few hours off.


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The Fix Is In

Scot Shields is confident that at least one blog will be dismantled shortly.  

We sure hope he’s right, not because we’re  “Shields-loving” but because the Angels badly need his return to form.

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For Real?


Sure, Scot Shields has had some uninspiring outings of late, and some stretches of control problems in recent years but, by in large, he’s one of the best setup men in the history of the game (granted, the role is relatively modern).

We’re also  pretty sure that that jersey is much heavier than it looks.

Some class, and any knowledge, can go a long way.  



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Pitcher’s Fielding Practice

It’s always tough to win an extra inning game on the road, of course, but it’s nearly impossible to do it when pitchers start fielding their position like Chuck Finley.  

We’re big fans of Scot Shields, always will be, but it seems like he needs to pay more attention during PFP.  Or maybe less, we’re not sure.       

Shields’ error wasn’t the only fielding play by an Angel pitcher that cost the team a run.  In the bottom of the first, with runners on first and third, and one out, Adrian Beltre hit a soft comebacker to Shane Loux.  Loux, excited at the possibility of an inning-ending double play, threw to second base instead of to home, where Ronny Cedeno would have been easily thrown out.

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Closer Duties

Mike Scioscia had said at various times throughout the winter that the Angels would implement a closer by committee, using Jose Arredondo, Scot Shields, and Brian Fuentes to close games.  Beat writers and fans, however, essentially ignored Scioscia, choosing instead to believe that he was simply being diplomatic or purposefully deceptive.  

Last night, Scot Shields secured a four-out save over the Red Sox, a team against which he has previously struggled.  Scioscia, apparently, wasn’t bluffing; he’ll be matching the closer to the situation this season.  You fantasy folks may want to consider picking up Scot Shields….he’s going to get some save opportunties this season.

As for Fuentes, he’s shown diminished velocity thus far and is almost certainly reeling from Wednesday night’s blown save.  Friday night seemed the perfect time to, as they say, get back on that horse.  The fact that he wasn’t out there would seem to indicate that Scioscia is truly committed to the committee, if you will.

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Shields Sore

Scot Shields will be among those Angel players competing in the World Baseball Classic, despite the fact that he’s battling another case of shin splints.

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Who’s The Closer?

Today, Rich Lederer takes a look at relief pitchers by strikeout and groundball rates, just as he did yesterday for starters.

Interestingly, Brian Fuentes ranks higher than Francisco Rodriguez.  More interestingly, though, Scot Shields and Jose Arredondo rank higher than both of them. 

Maybe Mike Scioscia is serious about relying on the closer by committee format.

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