Angel “Heartbeat”

According to Ken Rosenthal, Tony Reagins and the Angels may actually be looking to add Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu in an effort to address their need for a big bat

As Rosenthal writes, this means that the Angels may well have a “heartbeat” after all, with talks having already begun.



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3 responses to “Angel “Heartbeat”

  1. Slasher52

    Dunn would be a good pickup, especially if the contract can be short. Abreu always has great stats, but I don’t see him providing the big bat the Halos really need.

  2. ineedanap

    I concur.

    Dunn would be ideal. I wouldn’t mind signing him to a longer deal either. He can be had cheap and would make a good compliment to Vlad. Maybe even giving us an option after Vlad leaves/retires. He is only 28.

    • 3daysofcryin

      Dunn would certainly provide power that the Angels are missing. The concerns, obviously, are baserunning and fielding.

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