Brandon Wood has been a highly touted “prospect” for what seems an eternity. 

Lyle Spencer’s most recent article pointedly illustrates the grey area in which “Woody” now resides; he’s been around too long to be considered a genuine prospect anymore, but he’s also yet to earn a  job at the Big League level. 

With Erick Aybar penciled in as the starting shortstop, Chone Figgins entrenched at third, and Maicer Izturis capable of spelling either of them as a highly capable defender and offensive contributor, Wood’s role in the infield still seems vague.  At this point, the only thing Wood seems to have going for him is the proclivity of Angel infielders for strained hamstrings.    

Another season at AAA would do very little for Wood, while sitting on the bench in Anaheim, waiting for a teammate to be injured,  might stunt his development altogether.  Having refused to trade Wood when most teams coveted him, the Angels must now find playing time for him. 

Something has to give, as they say, because the Angels’ infield is full and Wood seems to deserve a chance (his recent Dominican Winter League showing notwithstanding).   

Whatever the club chooses to do, it’s become quite clear that there are too many infielders and not enough brickdust (or, ahem, starting pitchers).


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